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How to Prepare for your Tattoo

How to Prepare for your Tattoo

Tattoos are for life and you not only have to take care when preparing for it but also when you are finally finished and the tattoo is complete.

Here are our tips to help prepare for your tattoo

  • Drink plenty of water
    It’s important to stay hydrated during the process and you should drink plenty of water beforehand. Being well hydrated is always a good idea but, in this particular case, it helps you last longer and heal quicker afterwards.
  • Keep your skin moisturized
    Obviously don’t slather yourself in moisturizer right before your tattoo, but it’s definitely a good idea to moisturize your skin leading up to the day before you go. According to what I’ve read, it also helps the ink take a bit better.
  • Shave the area!
    If you don’t want to slow down the entire process you should consider shaving the area. Be careful not to cut yourself though as this could mean a cancellation of your appointment!
  • Sleep well the night before
    Don’t go out for a concert and drinks the night before! Learn from our mistakes and get a good solid sleep the night before. Being well rested will make you less twitchy and you’ll end up with cleaner (and straighter!) lines.
  • Eat Well
    Make sure you eat a good hearty meal before your appointment. Your body is going to need the energy, especially when your instinct is going to be to tense up during the painful parts of the tattoo.
  • Wear the Right Clothing
    If you are getting a sleeve or full sleeve, wear a t-shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting ruined. It may not necessarily happen but ink from the stencil can definitely end up on your clothes and if you have to roll the sleeves up for the shoulder part of the tattoo… it can get stretched quite badly. Ideally, wear a muscle shirt for the session and bring along a sweater or something for overtop beforehand.
  • Take something to entertain yourself
    In some cases, you could spend most of the time talking to the tattoo artist, but some need to remain focused and prefer if you bring entertainment. Thank goodness we all have mobile phones nowadays! Bring your phone and a charger, load it up with Netflix or something to watch during the session to distract yourself. You could even consider working from your computer if the area allows it.

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